SV Telecom, Vertex Standard Partner, Russia (March 2011)

  • SV Telecom, Vertex Standard Partner, Russia (March 2011) 21 марта 2011

    Formed in the mid-1990s, SV Telecom debuted as a supplier of citizen band radios to the radio enthusiast and taxi markets across the Moscow, Voronezh, Volgograd and Izhevsk regions.

    The company grew substantially and made the decision to include professional radio communication equipment to its portfolio, securing distributorships with some of the world’s leading PMR manufacturers.

  • Moving to expand its national footprint, SV Telecom undertook an extensive marketing campaign in early 2000 which included participation at a number of trade exhibitions in towns across Russia, the likes of: Kemerovo, Tyumen, Krasnoyarsk, Murmansk and Kazan as well as Almaty and Astana in Kazakhstan.

    Alexander Martynov, General Director at SV Telecom, recalls: “We were already aware of the excellent quality of Vertex Standard products, having been involved with Yaesu radio communication solutions. But at that stage we did not have a direct agreement with the company, so sourcing product was quite difficult.”

    That all changed in 2010 when the company became a Vertex Standard distributor - the decision being motivated by the growing demand for the products by SV Telecom’s customers.

    Martynov, continues: "The constant refinement and upgrading of Vertex Standard products allows us to successfully compete in the local LMR market. Starting last year, we’ve earmarked Vertex Standard products as a high priority and have already accredited six dealers for 2011 in the cities of Irkutsk, Izhevsk, Krasnodar, Vladimir and Perm."

    SV Telecom’s strategy for this year includes growing its dealer network, conducting training seminars and hosting road shows with regional customers, expanding the client base and conducting professional development training for its own personnel.


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